Stevia - Herbal Tea by Wisdom of the Ancients

An All-natural, Zero Calorie, Sweet Way To Enhance Any Tea*
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Stevia - Herbal Tea

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Wisdom of the Ancients Stevia - Herbal Tea is an all-natural, zero calorie and tasty way to enhance the nutritional value of any tea, beverage or food.  Stevia - Herbal Tea leaves contain about 100 all-natural nutrients.  Stevia - Herbal Tea offers a sweet taste to anything to which it is added, either as a prepared liquid or by sprinkling the dry ground leaf on salads, pastas, potatoes, vegetables, meats, hot cereals and applesauce. Try it in salad dressings, soups, stews, beans, chili, sauces or anything you can think of! Heat enhances the release of stevia's sweet flavor. The uses for ground stevia leaves are as varied as your imagination. Use it sparingly, as the leaves can be 30 times sweeter than sugar. You can always add more if desired.*

One stevia teabag will sweeten two to six cups of a beverage, depending on the beverage and the taste desired. Drinking Stevia - Herbal Tea or holding a leaf in the mouth freshens the breath and reduces breath odors. Tobacco users say this has helped to reduce their desire to smoke and for chewing tobacco. While there is no published science to document this, it is certainly worth a try. Many people suggest that one teabag in 8-10 ounces of hot water is helpful in soothing a sour or upset stomach.*

Native to Paraguay, Stevia is a small green plant bearing leaves that have a delicious and refreshing taste that can be 30 times sweeter than sugar. The leaves are remarkably nutritious and contain a variety of healthful vitamins and minerals. Stevia - Herbal Tea can be an aid in weight loss efforts because it contains no calories, yet it helps reduce cravings for sweets. It also improves digestion and soothes an upset stomach, plus it nourishes the pancreas and does not adversely affect blood sugar.* 

James May, founder of Wisdom of the Anceints, says that sprinkling cinnamon and ground stevia leaf over hot, lightly buttered toast is delicious and very healthful.* Use  Stevia - Herbal Tea in conjunction with any tea and you may find you do not have to use sugar or artificial sweeteners to achieve the desired taste.* Stevia is an all-natural zero calorie way to reduce food cravings, soothe an upset stomach, and promote pancreatic health.*


HoneyLeaf Stevia - Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni

Product of Paraguay

Suggested Use
Add one tea bag to two cups of very hot water, other tea or beverage (do not boil) - or - one to two bags to one quart other tea or beverage. Especially delicious as sun tea. Steep three to five minutes. Serve hot or iced. Adjust to taste.
Allergen Info
Wisdom Of The Ancients Stevia - Herbal Tea contains NO genetically modified organisms (GMO).


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